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Please Donate your Zakat / Sadaqah for the sake of Allah (S.W.T)....Click here

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Bait-ul-Maal Lalaguda (Regd.No. 1698/05) is an ideal organisation performing different public services since 1968. The aim of our organisation is to reduce the level of poverty among masses and provide relief for deserving individuals.

What We Do?

How we are funded?

We serve the poor and needy with the funds raised by of our area people towards Bait-ul-Mal Lalaguda.

Hence, You are requested to kindly donate so that we can help the people as much as we can.

Pay Zakat Online:

As we all are aware, Zakat is compulsory alms-giving which Allah has given the order for in the Quran. Its status is Farz. Zakat is eligible upon mature, sane men and women who meet Nisab threshold. 2.5% of your wealth must then be given as Zakat.

Request you to donate your Zakat amount for charitable purpose.

Donate to charity your Zakat and fulfill the right of your wealth that Allah has bestowed upon you.


1. Zakat donations are accepted and used for the monthly pensions of around 500 poor people including Widows, Orphans and Old Aged.

2. Donate as per your monthly/ quarterly/ annually Zakat or as per accumulation.

3. Zakat Fund will be allocated to causes & individuals which are eligible to receive/accept Zakat.

4. Pay your Zakat using a QR Code or directly to our bank account, details are given, click DONATE Button 

Please Donate your Zakat / Sadaqah for the sake of Allah (S.W.T)....Click here